Music Scoring // Sound Design // Post-production


    Both being from very musical families, they started playing music at Conservatory from

their early years. Lucas on classical guitar and Adrien on violin. This curriculum allowed them

to acquire a rich musical culture that would become the foundation to their approach on music.

    A few years later, modern music was introduced to their lives and radically changed their vision

of what music is. They had discovered electric guitar, bass and drums, plunging head-first into the study

of blues, jazz, rock and metal aswell as many others. After several years of practice and various experiences, they decided to become professional musicians and earned their diplomas from the Conservatoire of Toulouse.

    Their overflowing passion for music aswell as the audiovisual pushed them to deepen their knowledge

of composing, arrangment and different sound techniques. After a couple of months on their seperate paths, in March 2017 they decided to join resources.


    Passionate about cinema and video games, orchestral music occupies an important place

in their creations. On the one hand, the grandiose and masterful approach, with names such as John Williams, James Horner, Hans Zimmer or even Alexandre Desplat represent an inexhaustible well of inspiration. On the other, a calmer, more refined approach heavily influenced by

Thomas Newman, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Gustavo Santaolalla.

    When it comes to more modern music, the list would be much too long but their various influences allowed them to develop a musical style located somewhere at a crossroads

between all musical genres to nourish the projects they work for and to give life to a lush

and singular universe.


    Passionate and professional, they shall answer their clients' demands in order to grant them access to unique and personalised content that shall uphold the narrative and artistic tastes of their projects. With Cinematic Records, equally wish to highlight music and the moving image in audiovisual projects so as to avoid the unfortunately daily use of ready-made music, free of rights.


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Lucas Safaru // Adrien Sabathier